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The Bible: Open For Insights

Word@Hand helps your members open the scriptures to a better life with God.


The way your community engages the Bible is an important part of their spiritual experience. Word@Hand Journeys will strengthen members’ relationships, enhance their understandings and faith practices, and help you achieve your ministry goals. Through six paths of reading, thinking, praying, and acting together, Word@Hand Journeys will help foster common insights for your collective work in the world. Learn more about how your congregation can participate in or create Word@Hand Journeys with the Bible for a better life with God.

Content Creators

Many churches, faith traditions, and religious groups have their own established publishing capabilities. We value religious publishers and their ability to produce exceptional devotional and study content that helps people connect with God’s Word more intimately. Partnering with Word@Hand can extend the reach of your content and guide people in their spiritual growth.

Bible Partners

Our trusted publishing partners present new and inspiring Bible resources for today’s readers with full confidence in the Revised Standard Versions and New Revised Standard Versions of the Bible’s accuracy and reliability.