NRSV Updated Edition Endorsements

The Bible is central to our Christian faith; an informed, accurate translation is essential! The NRSV Updated Edition follows in the footsteps of the RSV and the NRSV , as a trustworthy rendition of Holy Scripture for faith, instruction, and personal devotion. Like the NRSV , it will now become my go-to translation for its accuracy and its beauty.

A. Roy Medley, President, Board of Directors and Chair of the Bible Translation and Utilization Committee, General Secretary Emeritus, American Baptist Churches

Friendship Press, Inc.

Enlightening. Spiritual. Scholarly. The updated biblical language of the NRSVue provides contemporary clarity and hermeneutical accuracy. This update is critical to the scriptural analysis of undergraduates, seminarians, and graduate students in the general disciplines of religious studies. Furthermore, this translation proves pivotal to the spiritual formation of theologically conscious laypersons in Christian congregations.

Rev. Jermaine J. Marshall, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor of Historical Theology, Interdenominational Theological Center and Secretary, General Conference & General Connectional Board

Christian Methodist Episcopal Church

I am delighted to see the arrival of this 30th anniversary NRSV Updated Edition Bible, a work remarkable both for retaining the impressive scholarship of past translations and for offering important and necessary changes for our 21st-century context. This truly is a Bible for our time, for our mission and ministry.

C. R. Robertson, The Rev. Canon

The Episcopal Church

Digging into God’s word with the NRSV Updated Edition will keep you close to the truth of the Scriptures, and help you find new ways of understanding your own faith as you live it out in the world. Reading and studying the NRSV Updated Edition is also the best way to combine your love of humanity with the best scholarship on the Bible for sharing your faith in community.

Robert Wilson Black, PhD, CEO


The NRSV Updated Edition offers clarity and advancement while preserving tradition. The NRSVue is by far the most comprehensive and highly regarded translation among translations. The NRSVue is now the new benchmark.

Dr. John Ahn, Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible Languages and Literature

Howard University School of Divinity

The NRSV Updated Edition provides a much-needed update to this long-beloved academic translation, ironing out inconsistencies and inaccuracies while striving to attend to the most pressing needs of today’s reader.

Dr. Kristin Helms, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Roberts Wesleyan College

We are excited to present what I believe to be one of the most lovingly revised translations to date. When we embarked on this journey our goal was to increase the accessibility of Scripture. This update with its attention to accuracy, clarity, inclusivity and readability has far exceeded even our wildest expectations.

Jim Winkler, President and General Secretary

National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.A.

I am likely to use the NRSV Updated Edition for teaching in undergraduate, graduate, and professional contexts and will encourage those in my denomination to make use of it as well. …it will be vital to have a thorough, critical, and accessible introduction to this updated edition that: helps readers understand its relationship to the RSV and NRSV; sheds light on the intersection of translation and social context; and helps readers appreciate the historical and interpretive dimensions of translation as art.

The Rev. Canon Hugh R. Page, Jr., PhD., Professor of Theology and Africana Studies, VP, Associate Provost and Dean of the First Year of Studies

University of Notre Dame

…I firmly believe that a translation informed by the textual witnesses and modern sensitivities furthers the Christian life and the ministry of the gospel. I regard the NRSV Updated Edition, as standing squarely, but not stiffly, in this theological stance, for it cannot do otherwise. I hope that the NRSV Updated Edition gets circulated…even more widely that the NRSV did and contributes to the furtherance of the gospel and the extension of the awaited reign of God.

Jin H. Han, PhD, Professor of Biblical Studies, and Editor-in-Chief of The Living Pulpit

New York Theological Seminary

Accurate. Readable. Benefitting from thirty years of new textual discoveries, attentive to the evolving English language. The New Revised Standard Version Updated Edition is the Bible I will reach for first every time.

Rev. Dr. Sharon E. Watkins, Vice President, Friendship Press Board of Directors, Minister

Bethany Memorial Church, Bethany WV, former General Minister and President Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)