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There are a lot of Bible resources to choose from. Word@Hand offers you a fresh new way to learn and apply your insights to everyday situations.

Word@Hand is an innovative Bible engagement app that allows you to take a six-path Journey around a book of the Bible, a theme, or a season of the Christian year. The app offers Bible translations and video presentations that are accurate, reliable, and easy to understand. Equally as engaging for the novice as they are for the scholar, Word@Hand Journeys present insights to help you thrive with God. Available for iOS and Android devices. Each path offers a video, seven daily steps, and more:

Scan the code to create your account on the Word@hand website.

Journeys are designed to be equally engaging for the young and old. Journeys provide up to 6 Paths and 42-Steps for people to:

  • Watch Draw Unto Me scripture videos
  • Read the Bible for wisdom and insights
  • Think about the words, ideas, and themes
  • Pray and deepen your relationship with God
  • Act to express your faith in everyday situations



Awakening to Love: A Lenten Journey

Awakening to Love guides followers to the doorstep of Easter—the day when Christians celebrate that which is genuinely eternal—love, hope, and life with God.

To Bethlehem & Beyond: An Advent Journey

Let the Word@Hand To Bethlehem and Beyond Advent Journey help you become open and ready for the birth and life of Jesus to put you on paths of hope, peace, love, and joy.

The Gift of Courage

Discover how the gift of courage can help you face crises that threaten your life or the lives of those for whom you care.


What does it mean to belong to God? Learn how belonging to God’s family inspires and requires us to welcome and connect with others.

More Than Enough

See how God’s gifts are abundant and available to meet our needs, affirm our worth, and help us express our purpose for a better life with God.


We learn and grow in different ways. The more ways we interact with information, the better we understand. Draw Unto Me scripture videos help picture key points of the passage and its context.


Life is a journey best traveled with others. Join us as we start each step with reading the Bible for wisdom and insight.


The Word@Hand app is active not passive. Each step of each path helps you think about the words, ideas, and themes and how you might fulfill your purpose. If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?


Prayer is a means of communicating with God. Through prayer you can deepen your relationship with God and foster relationships with others. Readings give you food for thought and prayers help to connect your thoughts with the desires of the heart.


Graphic images kindle your imagination and move you from thinking to actively responding; from reading and praying to concrete actions. These illustrations challenge you to consider what might you do.

Whether you read the Bible daily or have never read it at all, the Word@Hand app can help you
have everything you need for this journey to enrich your life with God.


Helping you engage the Bible for a better life with God.